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Having worked with Lovell Homes for a number of years, we had previously created apps that bring new developments to life – allowing users to visualise the site before it has been built. Including virtual tours, interactive CGI’s and videos these apps worked well on prestigious developments. Lovell now wanted a way to produce an app for all developments but at a shorter turnaround and at a lower level of investment.

Looking at the buyer journey, the obvious place to introduce this “app-light” was at the sales office. Allowing the user to find information out independently if the sales advisor was busy – but also acting as an engagement tool – allowing the sales adviser to strike up conversation. The apps were designed re-using design and content from the brochures for a quick turnaround, and following a formulaic flow.

After the initial trial period feedback from Lovell was very positive, these apps are now being commissioned by multiple regions and deployed on touchscreen displays within the sales offices.

digital sales tools

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