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Creation is one of the largest climbing centres in the UK, but with a sudden increase in competition in the local area they recognised the need to be active with their brand and marketing. To have a brand that kept their loyal customers and attracted new climbers.

With so many climbing centres opening in new and pristine premises, Creation needed a brand that worked with the old Victorian warehouse that it’s housed in and worked with the way the business is currently run. A “real and hand-made” ethos was built into the brand, with the creative featuring aspects from the building itself and reflecting the real and unpolished nature of rock climbing.

Teaser posts were put out on social prior to the launch of the new brand, and current customers consulted in the branding process to generate excitement. When the new brand was launched Creation saw an increase in traffic from new customers, lapsed customers returning and increased loyalty from existing customers. Following this, Creation appointed us to undertake photo shoots and create further marketing literature.

Climbing centre

company rebrand

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