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Mobility bathroom
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Care in Bathing Group encompass a number of brands all providing bathrooms for those with mobility issues. They approached Synergy at a time when the lines between each brand were blurred and their traditional ways of marketing was no longer being as effective.

Looking at the three brands it was clear that differentiation was needed. We worked with Care in Bathing to determine the positioning of each, and prioritised work accordingly. The premium brand needed to look premium, and the way it was being sold also needed to be differentiated from the sister companies to ensure this positioning was instilled both internally and externally. A revamp of the visual identity of the brand was undertaken along with a new approach to marketing that included touch points for key influencers and a digital approach to showcase the products and ensure compatibility with the purchaser.

The new visual identity worked to assist customers in understanding which brand was at what purchase point, and aided sales representatives in showcasing it as such. A digital presenter was produced to replace the old printed documents, these were a much more efficient tool for representatives to explain and demonstrate the various products to customers – making the sales process much smoother. The success of this first brand led to subsequent work on brand 2 and consultation on brand 3.

Mobility bathroom
Group consultancy

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